Obisuji X Sakuramai Poland!

Our leader Emiko Tanaka had an interview with Mr. Hayakawa who is the leader of Obiyamachisuji and the article is in a free newspaper called K+.
Obiyamachisuji has been joining the Kochi Yosakoi festival since it’s inception. They have more than 60 years of history and very famous Yosakoi team.
We met them last year when we visited Kochi as yosakoi ambassadora. Since then we have been keeping in touch.
They are very cool and super friendly people and they gave us permission to perform one of their songs.
We are going to perform the song in June at Matsuri(Japan Festival) in Warsaw.
We appreciate their kind support and we are very excited to perform the song on the stage.
We have been working hard to spread Yosakoi around the world as Yosakoi ambassadors!
Obiyasuji, thanks you very much!