桜舞ポーランド Sakuramai Poland PV
Yosakoi 【Sakuramai Poland】 Matsuri - Piknik z Kulturą Japońską 2017

The concept of Sakuramai Poland


The "Sakuramai Poland" was set up by Emiko Tanaka and Eriko Yamaki in December 2012. The group operates in 3 Polish cities: Cracow, Warsaw and Poznan. The team aims to introduce and deepen the understanding of Japanese culture among Poles by the means of Yosakoi dance.

-About Yosakoi Dance Team SAKURAMAI Toronto-
"Sakuramai Poland" is a sister team of "Sakuramai" dance team operating in Toronto, Canada. Yosakoi Dance Team "Sakuramai" was established in Toronto by the Yurika Hinkle and Emiko Tanaka, who are it's leaders.The team actively takes part in various performances across Canada. It continues to introduce unique and exciting Yosakoi dance to Canadians and by doing so aims to provide wider undersatnding of Japanese culture.

-About Yosakoi Dance-
Yosakoi in an unique dance style created in Japan. In 1954 it has been introduced in Kochi City and since then has spread across Japan. Nowadays there are many Yosakoi festivals being held in various places in Japan. The two most notable are "Yosakoi Matsuri" held in Kochi City and "Yosakoi Soran Matsuri" held on Hokkaido. Yosakoi is a very energetic dance style that incorporates modern music and dance moves which derive from traditional Japanese dances. During performances dancers wear outfit called "Happi" and, in Kochi style Yosakoi, use an instrument called "Naruko". The word "Yosakoi" in dialect from Tosa Prefecture (today Kochi Prefecture) means "Come at night!".






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